How to Config vpn for iranian (V2ray – softether – outlline – ssh tunnel)

in these Article im going to explain 4 effective way for iranian people to connect to Internet (through VPN)  All these Steps Have been tested 

Note : This Article has a Video that You Can See installation video in my Youtube Channel 


Before  Configuration You Need to Buy a VPS in Europ (anywhere Except Iran ) with at least 1 Gig Ram and 2 Core CPU (2GB Ram is preferred )

1- SSH Tunnel

SSH Tunnel is one of the  simplest  way to connect to Internet without any censorship 

How Does it Works :

All things that happen is system will ssh to Our VPS and Listen To the local port (that we specify ) 

we just need to config Our Socks Configuration and Set Local port

In This example  My VPS Address is

SSH PORT : 22 (Change it when your ssh port is different )

Local Port  : 1080

SSH User  : farshad

how to config ssh tunnel farshad nick

1- Configuration on Windows 11 and Linux is :

					ssh -D 1080 -p 22

1-2 Config Socks for your Browser :

Go to Your Browser Setting => Netowrk setting

Set with port 1080 for Socks Host

Config For Android

Download HTTP Custom APP From Google Play   and Config It according These Parameter

SSH Server IP:SSHPORT@User:Pass

2- V2ray

2-1 Download x-ui Script that i Translate it to English Version

Run the Script and Give Admin panel username and password and port

Note : Dont Forget to Opeb the panel with Google Chroum and Translate page to English


Confirm whether to continue

Set up your account name

Please set your account password

Please set the panel access port

After You logged in

Click on Inboud List  => Make a inboud => Click on Operate => it will give you a QR Code

3- Outline

For installation Outline we need to install Outline Manager First for Managing Server and Client’s keys

					    For Windows

    For Mac

    For Linux

After Installing Outline Manager Click to Add Server ==> Advance

It will give you Follwing Script  that you need to install it on you VPS


					sudo bash -c "$(wget -qO-"


When installation is done  It will give you an API Code that you should paste it in here

In Final Step you can

Download Outline Client

Add key for Your Client and Hit Share Button  for Copying it

4- Softerher (SSTP)

I Provide Docker-compose that made  installation easier you just need to git clone my docker-compose and bring it up by doing :

On Server :

					git clone
cd dokcker-softether
mkdir config
touch config/vpn_server.config
chmod 777 config/vpn_server.config
docker-compose up -d 

4-1  Download Softether Manager and Connect to your VPS on port 5555

at  First Login You dont need to give it any Password but it will prompt for changing your password

					VPN Manager for  windows10 :

Make a Connection To Your Softether which is are available on port 5555

Manage Virtual Hub

4-2 Config DHCP for Clients By doing  Following Step :

1- Manage Virtual Hub

2- Virtual nat DHCP Server

3- Secure NAT Configuration

4-3 Make a User by doing :

1- Manage Virtual Hub

2- Manage Users

4-4 Android Client  :

We need to Download VPN Client Pro (Crack Version)

and make SSTP Connection

1- Add Remote Server (Server IP)

Dont Forget To change port from 443 to  5443

					Download VPN Client Pro Crack :

4-5 Windows Client  Config:

You can Download Softether Client and Make Connetion on port 5443 on Your VPS IP

					Download Soft Ether Widnows Client :

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